And The Oscar For Best Editing Goes To…..BJ Penn???

Total Pro Sports-  It seems as though BJ Penn has had Oscar fever lately, and in light of it all he has decided to release a documentary regarding the vaseline incident in his last fight with Georges St. Pierre.

The video (displayed below) shows footage of several different incidents, including St. Pierre’s trainer rubbing vaseline on him, Dana White telling others after the fight that “Georges is in trouble” for having vaseline on him, and quotes from other fighters complaining about similar incidents.  One thing is for sure.  BJ sure can do some great editing.

So does BJ have a point?  Well I may have been inclined to say yes had he not taken such a beating.  It is doubtful this would have changed the result of the fight that saw Georges win by stoppage after four rounds, but maybe BJ would not have taken such a beating.  You just gotta love how these fighters always tip their hat to GSP and what a wonderful fighter he is, and then you get quotes (like those of Matt Hughes) that seem to put all the blame for their defeats on the vaseline.  The only reason he realized it was such a problem was because he had no choice but to try and hold on to GSP for dear life while taking such punishment.

Face it! GSP is the man in MMA right now.  He could have had stick’em all over his body and would still have pounded the hell out of Penn, Hughes, and anyone else he has faced off against.  Don’t let this change your opinion.  So is Penn looking for a rematch to avenge himself from GSP and the vasoline?  Lets hope so, so that St. Pierre can shut him up once again.

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