Can’t We All Just Watch The Game?

bad_blue_boysTotal Pro Sports- On Sunday, Hajduk Split defeated Dinamo Zagreb, by a score of 2-0, in the Croatian First League.  Hajduk Split is now in first place in the league.  The game did not get off to a great start as it was delayed 19 minutes because fans threw white confetti on to the field.  When the game finally started a full fledged riot broke out in the stands .

The Bad Blue Boys are the Dinamo Zagreb fan club, or can be more accurately referred to as hooligans.  Check out the video of the huge fire in the stands, followed by a big brawl.  You can see how many Police were present at the game, but that didn’t stop the riot from starting. [CroatianTimes]

The sad part is that scenes like this are common place in stadiums around the world.  I understand supporting your favorite team, however how does a starting a riot make sense?

Its a shame that a couple of losers who can’t hold their booze, can spoil a game for everyone.