Dukes Elliot Williams Can Travel All He Wants

Elliot Williams Can Travel All He WantsTotal Pro Sports – Dukes Elliot Williams Can Travel All He Wants!!! That’s right if you play on the Duke Blue Devils and your coach is Mike Krzyzewski (Gold medal winner in basketball at the Olympics), then you can pretty much do whatever you want on the basketball court.  Or that is what fans seem to think!!

In last nights game that saw the Duke Blue Devils beat Wake Forest 101-91, proved to the world that the referees have a little bit of favoritism when they are reffing the Blue Devils games.  If you watch the replay you will notice that freshman guard Elliot Williams travels (Moonwalks backwards) about 6 steps without dribbling the ball.

Will let you be the judge, Traveling or not?

In Durham, the Refs Let Dookies Take Many Steps – [TheBigLead]

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