Is There Success In Vick’s Future?

Mike VickTotal Pro Sports- With all the drama surrounding the epic saga that is Michael Vick, one thing that gets lost amid the PETA protests is the question of whether or not Vick can succeed again in the NFL.

As quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, Vick suffered numerous criticisms of his passing ability, and has been used many times as an example of why speed and athleticism don’t automatically result in greatness.  Maybe, however, it was the NFL that wasn’t ready for Mike Vick.

The incredible success of spread offenses in college has begun to creep into professional football and hybrid players that can run, pass and catch are the fashionable trend.  Ronnie Brown of the Miami Dolphins had a resurgence last season running the “wildcat” offense, including a game with 4 rushing touchdowns and 1 passing.

Perhaps NFL offenses have evolved enough that Michael Vick will be able to use his strengths and be rewarded, rather than forced into pocket passing and be criticized.

Without going into any of the drama surrounding Vick’s dog problems, I think that if he does return to the league, the Michael Vick Experience will once again be open and exciting as ever.

Via guest reporter Brian at Illegal Use Of Hands

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