Lance Battles His Demon, Thieves And Many Other Men On Bikes

Lance Armstrong and Syringe ManTotal Pro Sports – In his second race back from a three year layoff Lance Armstrong finished the Tour of California in seventh place, 1:46 behind fellow American Levi Leipheimer.  About the race, Armstrong said the following:

“Most of these boys came ready to go. You could tell. I think some of them got better as the race went on. Perhaps our team got a little tired as the race got on, always riding on the front and defending.”

The end of the Tour also marked the end of a somewhat comical week in the life of Lance Armstrong.  First he had his “one of a kind” bicycle stolen from the back of his team’s truck while he was being tested for banned substances, then he was attacked by a syringe man [Deadspin].

But don’t worry Armstrong lovers.  Your boy Lance was able to get another bike and showed syringe guy whose boss.  Just one question: What is that snow bank doing there (on the side of a bike race in California)?

Lance Armstrong and Syringe Man

Lance Armstrong and Syringe Man

Lance Armstrong and Syringe Man

Photos Via [Diabo moderno]

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