Ovechkin Waves Goodbye to Penguin Playoff Hopes?

Total Pro Sports- The rivalry between Penguin superstar Sidney Crosby and Caps phenom Alex Ovechkin heated up Sunday afternoon at the Verizon Center in Washington.

At the conclusion of the game, won 5-2 by the Capitals, Alex and Sid were tangled by the boards and proceeded to skirmish for a bit until the refs came in to separate them.  As Crosby continues to jaw at the opposition, Ovechkin mocked him with a bit of waving and another strange dance that we are still trying to decode (check it out and let me know if you can figure it out).

Ovechkin was great in the game, scoring one goal, adding an assist, and pulling off some other great moves.  Crosby didn’t quite have an equal showing, which may help explain his anger, but he did manage to produce a nice helper on Gonchar’s goal, the second for the Penguins.  As for the actions between the two near the end of the game, that is something that will be debated for the next couple days among hockey heads.

Is Crosby just a whiner, or did Ovechkin’s taunting cross the line?  I really don’t care.  Just make these two play each other more often, or lock them in a cage of ice to play one another for the rest of eternity.

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