The Day Joe Thornton Met TPS Writer Ron Canada

Joe ThorntonTotal Pro Sports – This past February 16th, I decided to take advantage of the family day long weekend in Canada and get as far away from my family as possible, so I figured a trip to the Big Apple would suffice.

When I arrived at my hotel, there were two teenagers standing there, stocking me with their eyes. I noticed that the two young gentlemen had various hockey paraphernalia in hand. Before I could even walk through the lobby doors, one of the teens approaches me and asks, “Are you on the hockey team?”.  With a confused look on my face I asked, “What team?” and before the words even left my mouth, with a saddened face the kid answers “The Sharks” as he realized I was not the NHL superstar he’d been hoping to meet.

As I check into the hotel, I can’t help it feel a rush of excitement running threw my veins. Heck, I felt like a kid again; I could run into Joe Thornton, Dan Boyle, Patrick Marleau or any other member this current Stanley Cup contending franchise at any moment!

After waking up Sunday morning at approximately 10 a.m, I decided to head down to the street corner to grab some Dunkin Donuts, with camera in-hand of course. As I walked out of the hotel, I noticed a police barricade with roughly 20 people standing behind, including the two teenagers I meant upon my arrival, “Any luck?” I asked them, “Nope” they responded. This seemed rather discouraging considering these kids had been waiting for hours.

Walking back to the hotel I realized that this was my last chance to hopefully meet a San Jose Shark. I get to the elevator, with all my hopes dwindling away. Unless a player is walking out of this elevator when it opens, I’m not running into anyone. The doors open, and nothing! I hang my head and push the button for the eighth floor.

Ding! I’ve made it to the eighth floor, the elevator doors open and who is standing outside the elevator waiting to get on? Non-other than Jumbo Joe Thornton! Somewhat star struck I yell out, “JUMBO JOE!” He looks at me with a smirk and says, “How’s it going?”. Instantly I reach for my camera and ask this future hall of famer for a picture, “Sure no problem” he says. I put my arm around him, pointed the camera, and hoped to God I didn’t cut any heads off the picture.  I thanked him for the picture and wished him luck. He said, “Thanks Ron, I’m a big fan of yours…keep it up the great work on TPS”.

What can I say about “Jumbo” Joe Thornton, extraordinary hockey player, classy guy, and yet another fan of TPS.

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