Alexander Ovechkin Needs Driving Lessons

Alexander Ovechkin Total Pro Sports- The Washington Capitals need to do a better job of keeping Alexander Ovechkin and Mike Green away from golf carts.

The two Capitals young guns were filming a spot for and it looks like they had a close call with a garage door.  I don’t know if it was staged, but OV almost takes his own head off.

Ovechkin is great hockey player, yet his driving skills are sub-par.  If I were the Caps I would keep this guy in a bullet proof case when he is not on the ice.  I think that a player as good as OV should refrain from such dangerous actives, the last thing the Caps need is for this guy to be injured in a golf cart related accident.

If you don’t think golf carts are dangerous, just ask Eric Johnson of the St. Louis Blues.  Check out the video here.