Tiger Woods Gatorade Bottle Is Selling For $25K

Tiger Woods Gatorade BottleTotal Pro Sports – If your interested in buying an empty Gatorade bottle that was once used and enjoyed by Tiger Woodsit is now for sale on ebay for $25,000 big ones.

Yes, Tiger Woods is an amazing golfer and the ground that he walks on can be sold for a hefty price, but do we actually know that this Gatorade bottle has been touched by the lips of Tiger Woods?  Unless Tiger himself is selling this at an auction to raise money for his charities it would be different.  But the authenticity of this item can not be determined.  So if your a gambler then take the shot that this Gatorade bottle is authentic.

“Tiger might be the one guy who most closely approximates a religious figure in the sports world. Crowds follow his every move on the course, and other players can’t hide their reverence for his skill and intensity. Don’t get me wrong: dude’s amazing, and all the admiration and adoration is warranted.

But maybe we’ve gotten a little too involved with the cult of celebrity when one of Tiger’s recyclables ends up on eBay and the seller thinks nothing of asking 25 grand for it. I mean, hey, shoot for the moon and good luck, dude, but this is the kind of attention that makes Val Kilmer go live on an isolated ranch in New Mexico.” [First Cuts]

In this economy this souvenir is definitely not a bargain.  For $25,000 I can think of 5 different things in which you can wisely spend your money on and enjoy more.  Lets take a look at them,

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  • Down payment on a house
  • Renovate your current house
  • Buy a car
  • Take an extravagant vacation

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