Sheriff Lott Prepared to Take Phelps ‘Pot Shots’

Total Pro Sports-  Just when it seemed like all the buzz about Michael Phelps pot smoking was over, it took a turn for the better?

Yes, for the better.  What many seemed to think was a big joke, as Sheriff Lott looked to round up all those involved in the popular Phelps bong pics, actually turned in to a joke at a Rotary speech on Monday.  Putting a comedic twist on the whole story, Sheriff Lott put on his bullet proof vest to protect himself from “pot shots”, draped himself in medals, and even wore a blond wig.  The interview was not all about the comedy act as he had the following to say:

“It doesn’t matter if it’s Michael Phelps or who it is. If you break the law, you’ve got to be held to the same standard.  That’s what the law’s all about.”

So is he trying to tell us all that he would have taken the same action had he seen a picture of any other random person smoking weed?  I doubt it, but its about time this story, which seemed to be a joke all along, is finally treated as one.  Just one comment though.  With everyone questioning the actions of Phelps, has anyone questioned his true athletic ability.  I mean, a guy who can break all those records can smoke a bong like a champ too.  Now that’s talent.  That has also got to make you question the true nature of marijuana smoking.  Maybe it really isn’t as bad as all those conservative seniors tell us.

As for the speech, here it is thanks to The State Newspaper: