Jennifer Jones Is Heating Up The Curling Rinks

Jennifer JonesTotal Pro Sports- In case  you didn’t know, one of the biggest curling tournaments of the year is being held right now in Victoria, British Columbia, and its called the Scott Tournament of Hearts.

Normally I would have very little interest all things curling, but that is before I became familiar with Jennifer Jones.  Jennfier Jones is the skip (captain) for Team Canada and is currently the world curling champion.

We here at TPS just wanted to take moment to let her know that she #1 in our hearts.  We would also like to thank her for giving us a reason to watch curling on television.  Let’s be honest she’s not super hot, but compared to her colleagues she’s Angelina Jolie.

When you think about it, curling has all the ingredients to be an entertaining sport.  It features women grunting and screaming, while they are sweeping, the only problem was the lack of attractive competitors.  Now, that has changed thanks to Jennifer Jones, Cheryl Bernard and others who can make the ice melt.

Thank you women of curling for looking so darn good on the ice, what’s next? Attractive female power lifters?

Jennifer Jones Jennifer Jones Is Heating Up The Rinks

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