Alyssa Milano Writes A Tell-All Baseball Book

Alyssa Milano Total Pro Sports- Mark March 24th on your calenders.  That’s the day releases her book, “Safe at Home: Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic” (Cover displayed below).

After stating late last year that she was done dating baseball players, it appears as though she is still writing about them.  Dating players like Barry Zito, Brad Penny, Carl Pavano and Russell Martin, its likely she been the topic of conversation on more than a couple pitching mounds.  Now its her turn to do the talking.  It will be interesting to hear what kind of news she spills and from what we’ve been finding out about baseball players, that could be just about anything.

As for the forward for her book.  That will be written by none other than Joe Torre himself.  That just leaves one more question.  Is the title, “Safe at Home”, based on how most baseball players described their time with her?

Yes, Even Alyssa Milano Is Writing An MLB Book – [FirstCuts]

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