Christy Resendes Will Squeeze You Dry

christy_resendesTotal Pro Sports –  Have you ever wondered about the benefits of taking steroids?

Well one of them is that you don’t need one of those expensive juicers to make yourself a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice.  All you have to do is squeeze the orange with your biceps like Christy “Black Widow” Resendes does.

Christy Resendes is a female bodybuilder and in this video she gives a demonstration of what she can do to an orange.  In one of the weirdest videos I have ever seen, Christy can be seen flexing, doing calf exercises with a guy on her back and also squeezing fruit.

We have no idea why someone would even consider taking steroids (Her triceps are bigger then mine), just take a look at what it does to a wo’man’, absolutely disgusting.

Talk about an ad for steroids, I wonder if A-Rod saw this before he started juicing?

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