“I Don’t Know Who Sidney Crosby Is”

Sidney Crosby Total Pro Sports-  In an interview prior to Friday nights game with the Pittsburgh Penguins, Chicago Blackhawks forward Adam Burish made some less than flattering comments about one of the NHL’s best young players.

When asked about if we would rather play the Pens without Crosby in their lineup Burish Said “I Don’t know who Sidney Crosby is, so I don’t care if hes playing or not”.  He said it in tongue and cheek kind of way, but its a ridiculous comment anyway you look at it.

The only question I have after watching the video is, who the hell is Adam Burish?  For those of you who don’t know, Burish has an amazing 8 points this year for the Blackhawks, but he only appeared in 44 games.  I think he’s just jealous that he will never be anywhere near as good as Crosby, so he feels the need to call him a whiner   By the way the Pens beat the Blackhawks last night, good Job Adam.

Hey Adam why don’t you spend less time shooting you mouth off and more time working on you shooting skills.  In a couple of years you won’t be in the league anymore and Crosby will still be one of the best, maybe then you might know who he is.

Via MouthpieceSports.com

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