Matt Cassel Is Now A Kansas City Chief

Matt Cassel Kansas City ChiefsTotal Pro Sports-  The New England Patriots have traded quarterback Matt Cassel to the Kansas City Chiefs.  It seems that it didn’t take for Patriot executive, Scott Pioli, long to call his old team and get his hands on the QB that was one of the biggest surprises in the NFL last season.  The Patriots are now shed $14.65 million dollars from their salary cap and should be getting a nice package of picks in return.

If I’m a K.C. fan I’m loving this deal because finally they have a QB who can win some games for them.  This should also help disgruntled stars Larry Johnson and Tony Gonzalez focus on football games, instead of asking to be traded.  The Chiefs appear to be set on offense now and will look to add depth to their defense through the upcoming draft.

The Patriots had the luxury of trading away Cassel because they have some other QB coming back from an injury.  If you don’t know him, his name is Tom Brady and apparently he was a big deal before he got hurt.

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