More Scotties, More Hotties

Jennifer Jones Total Pro Sports- I was getting ready for yet another Friday night shift, and before I went to work I knew I was going to be a little bit bitter because TSN was showing the Montreal Canadiens (my Favorite team) against the Philadelphia Flyers. I tuned into TSN a little after 7pm and the game had already started.  The Flyers had jumped out to an early lead but I wouldn’t find this out till almost 8pm as TSN was showing the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, at the time.

I was a little angry at first until I realized that it was Canada vs P.E.I, meaning my girl Jennifer Jones was playing and in another close battle that went into extra ends.  Jones defeated Rebecca Jean MacPhee 6-5 to capture fourth place and move on to a playoff game Saturday against third-place Stephanie Lawton of Saskatchewan.

How did she do it you might ask? Well, after being down for most of the match she battled back and showed the filed why she’s the defending champ.  She stole 1 point in the 10th to tie and another point in the 11th to win her match, which set up today’s game with Saskatchewan.

Needless to say watching this match was a great consolation prize for missing much of the hockey game.  Regardless of what happens in the game today, Jennifer Jones will always be my girl.

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