Don Cherry Thinks Ovechkin And Soccer Players Are Goofs

Don Cherry On Coaches CornerTotal Pro Sports – That’s right boys and girls the infamous Don Cherry was up to his antics again last night on Coaches Corner.  Cherry had his fair share of words telling the world that Alex Ovechkin and Soccer players are both goofs.

Cherry went off last night because he was sticking up for Sidney Crosby.

“What I try to do is teach the kids the Canadian way!!”

“We don’t want to start acting like those goofy soccer guys”

“Watch the way these guys act, ya maybe its better we show these goofs the way they act”

“Crosby’s down so that’s why I’m sticking up for him”

“Now watch Ovechkin, doesn’t he remind you of a soccer player, and that’s what Crosby is talking about.  kids act like Joe Thornton, act like Sakic, Bobby Orr, Yzerman, guys like that.

Don Cherry also predicted last night with Ron Maclean as his witness that someone is gonna get Alexander Ovechkin (A nice way for Don Cherry to say beat or knock him out) for over celebrating after he scores.

“I am predicting someone is gonna get him and somebody is gonna get him good!!!!”

“Some big defenseman is gonna cut him in half as he cuts down center ice.  You don’t act like this goof, this is goofy stuff and the same guys that think this is entertainment, last year thought Avery was entertainment.”

“Its the same junk and you Canadian kids don’t act like it”

We think Don Cherry may have overreacted just a little bit.  I personally enjoy watching Alex Ovechkin’s celebrations after he scores, he treats every goal he scores as if he just won the Stanley Cup.   The flamboyant Don Cherry has always been known for his antics, so as a Canadian this comes expected every Saturday Night on Coaches Corner.

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