Show Mike Vick That You Still Love Him

Mike VickTotal Pro Sports-  If there is anyone out there who would like to show some love and support for incarcerated former NFL star Micheal Vick, you can go to his website and purchase one of these beauty t-shirts.  They are destined to be a hot seller and could be the newest Ed Hardy type trend.  Get yours fast, so you can be the first one in your neighborhood to show support to America’s favorite animal abuser.  I know I’m buying one and so should you.

With the amount of money that he is sure to make off of these awesome shirts, there is no reason for him ever to play in the NFL again.

I wonder how many of these things he will actually sell? My guess is around 10.  I’m sure the people from PETA will want a couple to use as fire starter or toilet paper.

Michael Vick

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