DC Comics is Krypto-Nate’s Kryptonite

Total Pro Sports-  Krypto-Nate may have been able to defeat Superman at the NBA’s Slam Dunk Competition during All-Star weekend, but it took only days before he found his match.

After 5’7 Nate Robinson won the contest dressed up as Superman’s (or in this case Dwight Howard’s) Kryptonite, the NBA made plans to release t-shirts at NBA.com and the NBA Store. That was until DC Comics found out about it.  The NBA decided to scrap that idea because of intellectual property issues with the comic giants.

As for the future, an NBA source had said the following about the launch of Krypto-Nate gear:

“The NBA decided not to release the Krypto-Nate T-shirt because of future initiatives we are working on with Warner/DC Comics.”

They did however release a knockoff edition that only displays his name, “Robinson”, and Slam Dunk Champion.  Lets just say we’ll wait it out for “Krypto-Nate”.

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