Larry Johnson Is A Confused Fashion Trendsetter

Total Pro Sports – After being spotted 2 weeks ago with his 37 year old girlfriend TLC member “Chili”and his out of this world florescent pink watch.

This past weekend the ever confused Larry Johnson was spotted at Pure The Night Club in Las Vegas sporting some ridiculous outfit and the infamous florescent pink watch again. (I still don’t understand the watch thing does he think it’s cool?)

“Not only is Larry ready for a commando raid should one break out, but he also has plenty of room in his hat in case his cranium should start spontaneously expanding.” [PacmanJonesin]

“Wearing his nonchalantly contrived top cap to the side, a Kurt Cobain plaid button down, Mr. T necklace, blinged out pink Swatch, Abu Ghraib business casual fatigues and a pair of Kanye West ruby red kicks, Kansas City Chiefs’ running back Larry Johnson was sidelined by the fashion police at PURE in Vegas this weekend.  It takes $45 million to look like this.” [TMZ]

I can’t understand how they could have let Larry Johnson dressed like that, in such a reputable club in Las Vegas.  Yes, he is a star football player, has millions in the bank (Probably his pocket) and will probably tally up a bill for thousands of dollars.  But looking like he used his table cloth as a dress shirt and borrowed that over sized hat from a trucker, I would definitely tell him to go back to his room and change.

I mean Pure The Night Club is not a circus and if the regular public has to wear popper attire while in the club, I think the same should go with athletes and celebrities.

Photo Via: [SpyOnVegas]

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