Soccer Flip Throw-In To The Face (Video)

Total Pro Sports – Have you ever wondered what a Soccer Flip Throw is?

A flip throw-in allows you to turn a basic restart of play into an offensive tactic by shooting the ball back into play like a cannon. [eHow]

Step1 – Grasp the ball with both hands on the sides of the ball so your thumbs almost touch.
Step2 – Stand 15 to 20 feet away from the touch line.
Step3 – Begin running with a burst of speed, taking no more than three or four steps.
Step4 – Plant the ball on the ground.
Step5 – Flip your legs up as you plant the ball to complete a front handspring.
Step6 – Use your momentum to fling the ball as you become upright again.
Step7 – Land on your feet.

If you still don’t understand what a Soccer Flip Throw is, all you have to do is ask Paul Ladd who manages to nail a kid from Thetford in the face during a State D3 Championship game.  The unidentified player from Thetford gets an upfront taste of the soccer ball. I wonder if he lost his Chiclets???

Here is  video footage on why standing in front of a football player taking a long throw in is definitely a bad idea.

And this is what is supposed to happen when nobody is standing in front of a Soccer Flip Throw.

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