Knicks Sending Spike Out To Scout King James?

Total Pro Sports-  In a couple years, the NBA will go through what may be the most interesting free agency period ever (possibly in any sport at any time).

The large crop of players that are scheduled to become free agents, or can opt out of their contract, following the 2009-10 season include Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Manu Ginobili and none other than your highness, Lebron James.  Most believe the Knicks to be large players in what will likely be a superstar sweepstakes, and Spike Lee is out there scouting the talent.

Sunday night, Lee was at Phillips Arena in Atlanta with actor Bill Murray watching the Hawks take on James’ Cavs.  Murray was in town shooting a film.  As for Spike?  Maybe he was just looking for another sneak preview of what likely may be in a couple years.

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