Brett Favre May Be Broke! Sells Ford F-150 On eBay!

Total Pro Sports – It seems that the retired Brett Favre is feeling the downside of the economy right now and may just be looking to cash in on one more season in the NFL. (I hope not, we’ve had enough of this guy retiring and then returning to the NFL)

So if you were interested in purchasing a piece of Brett Favre memorabilia and helping his family cope through this tough economy then your a little to late.

Well you just missed out on a great opportunity.  His 2007 Ford F-150 sold yesterday afternoon for $35,300 on eBay Motors.  What makes us believe that this is Brett Favre’s truck?  Well it must be.  After all the vehicle description says so.

“This truck is owned by Brett Favre. He will sign the dashboard upon the request of the buyer.”

Not to mention the fact that the stock # is FAVRE.

So should we really believe that this is his truck?  I doubt it.  If it was, why is he selling it on eBay and the proceeds not going to a charity?.  And if it is?  Then i guess we should expect the return of Brett Favre to the NFL next year.

I wonder if pledge will get out the signature?

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