Orangemen Paul Harris Loves His Popcorn

Total Pro Sports – Popcorn, popcorn come get your popcorn!!!!

That’s what Syracuse Orangemen Forward Paul Harris did during his game against the Cincinnati Bearcats.  As he ran down the court a fan sitting front row offered him some popcorn (I guess he was hungry and needed some refueling).

“I was just, like, running down the court,” he explained, “and a fan asked me if I wanted some popcorn.”

Not wanting to appear impolite, the junior forward accepted the kindly offer, munched a bit . . . and was soon thereafter summoned to the bench by a displeased Jim Boeheim, who suffers poorly those with butter on their fingers.

“It was just a fun moment,” Harris said. “That’s all. Not much. I didn’t mean anything bad by it. But Coach didn’t like it. Not at all. I won’t probably do that again. You’d have to turn the cameras off if you want me to tell you what he said.” [Syracuse]

I guess he needed the snack, Paul Harris was second on his team in scoring for the night with 16 points and helped his Orangemen destroy the Cincinnati Bearcats 87-63.

This is not the first time during a college basketball game a player ate a little snack of popcorn on the court.  Do you remember Bill Walker?

You Sir, Are No Bill Waker – [AwfulAnnouncing]

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