Muhsin Muhammad Is Selling His Home On eBay

Total Pro Sports – Yesterday we reported that Brett Favre May Be Broke! Sells Ford F-150 On eBay! and now Carolina Panthers wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad and his wife Christa have listed their house on eBay for $1.9 million.

“The home sits in a gated neighborhood near Highway 51 and is more than 8,600 square-feet. It’s currently listed at $1.9 million, which is $200,000 less than when Hayes and her company, Brannic Martin Properties, took over the listing three months ago.”

eBay seems to be a popular trend these days with famous athletes selling expensive posseions on the website.  I know if I were in their shoes I wouldnt want the whole world to know what and potentially why I was selling something on eBay.  Unless of course it was for charity reasons.

The ad on the popular online auction site discusses the housing downturn and the home’s link to one of the NFL’s top players. It also reveals that since Muhammad first started trying to sell the house, he’s knocked $800,000 off the asking price. [CharlotteObserver]

A steal of a deal, especially in these rough economic times Muhsin and Christa Muhammad’s email in box must be flooded with requests to purchase their house.  I actually just emailed them about 10 times because I want a tour of the mansion, I wonder if they will accept?

“It doesn’t matter who you are or how much money you have. It is tough right now. People are having to come up with new ways of thinking about how to they sell property,”

“It’s a great house. You get lots for your money, lots of space for your money,”

This last quote from the Muhammad’s Real Estate agents sums it all up “It’s a great house. You get lots for your money, lots of space for your money,”.  If this is the way you sell a house when interviewed by the Charlotte Observer, then I think the Muhammad’s better reconsider and find a new Real Estate Agent to properly promote and sell their home.

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