Strahan Goes Undercover Spies On Girlfriend

Total Pro Sports –  Now that Michael Strahan is more than a year removed from the NFL maybe he should consider working as an undercover police.  Or maybe he would be even better for a spot on the popular television show Cheaters, where people hire them to go undercover and investigate whether their loved ones are cheating on them.  But for now, it appears as though Strahan would rather just do that dirty work himself.

Reports indicate that the former New York Giant Defensive End suspected his girlfriend Nicole Murphy (ex-wife of comedian Eddie Murphy) of cheating so he planted a tracking device in her car.  If that wasn’t enough, he also was infuriated when she found out about it.  The device provided Michael with her location, but there was a valid reason for him to suspect something had been going on.

Nicole Murphy reportedly had a fling with Universal Records A&R executive Demetrius Spencer.  They would exchange emails professing their love for one another and take exotic getaways together.  Spencer and Murphy have since called it quits after the latest device was found in the car.  Sources indicate that it was found by mechanics at a luxury dealership where Nicole had taken her Range Rover.  When Strahan found out, he made his way to the dealership and snapped.  The post described the situation as follows:

“Murphy and Spencer went to have lunch while the tracer – which one source said provided up-to-the-minute location status – was removed.  Seconds later, Strahan barged into the garage, “yelling and screaming,” a source said.  Spotting Murphy’s car with the tracking device exposed, Strahan walked over, ripped it off the dashboard and stormed out of the shop.”

Strahan and Murphy have decided to stay together due in large part to the fact that her 5 kids have developed a strong relationship with the now NFL commentator. As for Strahan’s antics?  Well this isn’t the first time he has done this.  During his messy divorce trial in 2006 with ex-wife Jean, he was accused of using spy-ware to tap the phone, and he also video recorded her sister getting undressed.

Wow Mr. Strahan.  I’m impressed.  You would think that only someone coming from the New England Patriots would be as familiar and effective with spy-ware technology.  Guess we were wrong.

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