Obama To Recruit For Oregon State?

Total Pro Sports-  Having a tough time thinking about whether to go to Oregon State or Southern California?  Maybe not at first, but how about after receiving a call from President Barack Obama telling you to go pick Oregon State.

That’s right!  The President himself may be making recruitment calls for the Oregon State Beavers basketball team.  Craig Robinson, Obama’s brother-in-law and coach of the men’s basketball squad, has considered that as a possibility.  In an interview on ESPN LA when asked whether he’d have the President do him the favor of calling recruits, Robinson had the following to say:

(joking, sort of) “I think the President has the right to call any citizen that he feels like calling any time he wants.  I haven’t had to use him yet, but I think I ought to petition the NCAA to see what the ruling will be on that before I do it.”

All kidding aside, think of the possibilities.  The President, a man that many have come to adore and look up to, calling to make a recommendation regarding a difficult decision that many young men face.

How can you say no?  And even if you want to, isn’t going against the President some sort of breach as an American citizen?

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