The Terrell Owens Soundtrack And Video

Total Pro Sports –  By now everyone knows that Terrell Owens was cut by the Dallas Cowboys, we decided not to jump on the T.O. bandwagon and write about this topic.  We compare Terrell Owens to a burning fire and the media being the fuel making it grow even bigger.  Terrell Owens basks in all this limelight and definitely loves all the attention the media gives him.

So we ask why should we continue to fuel the fire?

We did say no at first, but how could we resist such a topic on an athlete like Terrell Owens.  During his career, T.O. has provided us with a plethora of quotes and skits while on the on and off of the football field.  So we decided to piece together a video and show the world the true character of Terrell Owens.

So without further adieu, we introduce to you The Terrell Owens Soundtrack and Video, in local stores on March 8, 2009.

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