UFC 96 Preview And Picks

Total Pro Sports – UFC 96 takes place this Saturday night in Columbus, Ohio.  UFC 96 is stacked with great names and great fights, so lets take a look at the matchups and my picks for UFC 96.

Quinton Jackson vs Keith Jardine

The formula to beat Rampage is identical to the one utilized by Forrest Griffin. Another tough fight for Jardine, who seems to keep getting fed the divisions best. Jardine is definetly a gamer coming out of Greg Jackson’s Submission Fighting in New Mexico.

Pick: Once again I’m going to go with the upset here and take Jardine with the use of effective leg kicks and utilizing distance. So I’m going with Jardine by Split Decision.

Shane Carwin vs Gabriel Gonzaga

Great matchmaking by the UFC here. Gonzaga is a beast of a man, with arguably the best BJJ in the heavyweight division. Then you take into account his greatly improved standup, and Gonzaga is a very legit heavyweight. In the other corner, is Carwin, who by no means is any less of a beast. A specimen of 280 lbs that cuts weight just to make the division. The winner of this fight should be in line for the winner of Lesnar vs Mir.

Pick: I’m going to take the upset in Carwin by TKO in round 2. I don’t think Gonzaga will be able to take this fight to the ground, and could get caught by those 4XL gloves of Carwins.

Matt Brown vs Pete Sell

No idea why this stinker of a fight is on the main card when a barn burner like Grove vs Day is doomed to under card status. Two fighters here who aren’t, and for all intensive purposes will never be contenders. Brown has some name value coming of TUF, and Sell, Infamous or getting knocked back into last week by Scott Smith. Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things.

Pick: ll take Brown by TKO round 3.

Matt Hammil vs Mark Munoz

Two GREAT wrestlers here going at it. Hammils ring experience and boxing, mixed in with his ability to keep the fight standing should be effective. If Munoz proves he is a far superior wrestler, this may change. This fight comes down to Hammil’s ability to stuff the shot.

Pick: Hammill by decision.

Gray Maynard vs Jim Miller

The best wrestler in the lightweight division against a fighter on a tear, with a seven fight win streak. Look for this to be a great fight. Millers lone loss came at the hands of Frankie Edgar who was effectively beat by Maynard. It is pretty much inevitable that Miller will be spending alot of time on his back, but with a very polished guard game, look for Miller to try numerous submissions.

Pick: I think Maynard’s wrestling and submission defence should be able to win him a decision. A win here would put Maynard in line for a big name fight and eventually a title shot.

Kendall Grove vs Jason Day

Great fight between two solid middleweights. Fairly even standing up, but Grove does pose a huge reach advantage at his towering 6’6. As far as the ground, once again the two fighters are fairly even.

Pick: I got my boy Jason Day vi razor this split decision.

Tamdan McCrory vs Ryan Madigan

Pick: McCrory by decision.

Tim Boetsch vs Jason Brilz

Pick: Boestch by TKO round 1.

Brandon Vera vs Mike Patt

Pick: Brandon Vera by TKO round 2.

Aaron Riley vs Shane Nelson

Pick: Aaron Riley via unanimous decision.

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