Top 10 Reasons Why Terrell Owens Signed With The Bills

Terrell Owens Signs With The BillsTotal Pro Sports – We have no idea why Terrel Owens choose the Buffalo Bills as his preferred destination to play this upcoming 2009 season. With the economy being so bad we are stunned that Ralph Wilson, the owner of the Bills, can actually afford to pay this contract.

The Terrell Owens signing doesn’t surprise us one bit; he has always been known for his antics and craziness throughout his career. We hope he doesn’t expect too much from the city of Buffalo and the Bills because it’s definitely not like playing in a “big market” like Dallas.

Lets take a look at the possible Top 10 reasons why we think Terrell Owens may have signed with the Buffalo Bills.

10. Buffalo Is A Beautiful City – Wait a minute I can’t find the City of Buffalo anywhere on the web as a top ranked city in the United States, so this can’t be a reason. [Google]

9. Niagara Falls – One of the most amazing Wonders of The World, Niagara Falls is just a stone throw away from Buffalo.  The restaurants, hotels, casinos and nightlife is a reason to visit and is one of the most traveled destinations in the world. [Niagara Falls]

8.  Owens Wants To Show The World He Is Better Than Randy Moss – The Buffalo Bills play the division rivals New England Patriots twice a year and a chance that he can show the world he is a better player than Randy Moss………But with no real quarterback, we are still trying to figure out how the Bills are going to throw the ball to him?

7.  Buffalo Chicken Wings – I mean if I were Terrell Owens I would play for the Bills just because of the Chicken Wings.  Buffalo Chicken Wings are known all over the world and most people travel to Buffalo just to eat their famous wings. Don’t be fooled by other restaurant gimmicks because unless you’re in Buffalo eating Buffalo chicken wings, then you are not eating the real thing. [The Anchor Bar]

The phenomenon created in 1964 by Teressa Bellissimo has spread across the globe. Although many have tried to duplicate Buffalo Wings, the closely guarded secret recipe is what makes Frank & Teressa’s the proclaimed “Best Wings in the World.” Terrell Owens Buffalo Bills

6.  Buffalo Is North America’s Team – Terrell Owens said it best during his press conference,

“I’m leaving America’s team (for) North America’s team,” Owens said at a news conference. “This may not be the most ideal place for a lot of people, but I’m the guy. I beat to my own beat sometimes, my own thinking, my own intuition.”

Actually, if you didn’t know the Bills are actually Toronto’s team, more than half of the fans that attend a Buffalo Bills game are either from Toronto or from north of the border.  If the Bills were not located on the border of Canada and the US, the team would have most likely relocated already. [Fox Sports]

5.  Terrell Owens Wants To Live In Toronto – This may not be a bad thing for T.O. He would fit in perfectly in Toronto.  It has always been rumored that some Buffalo Bill players own condos in the city of Toronto.  Players past and present like Takeo Spikes, Trent Edwards, and Josh Reed are just to name a few.  The commute is not bad from Downtown Toronto: it takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes, but being Terrell Owens he would probably rather take a private helicopter to work everyday. [Toronto]

4.  The Toronto Nightlife – The City of Toronto is one of the best party destinations in the world.  It tops the list of destinations including places like New York, Las Vegas, Ibiza, Miami, Berlin.  So if you see Owens on a Saturday night at a local Night Club in Toronto this upcoming football season don’t be surprised. [Toronto Night Clubs]

3.  Owens Is A Big Basketball Fan – Terrell Owens is a huge basketball fan that loves watching and playing the game.  At times he can be spotted sitting front row at different basketball venues or showing off his talent during the Celebrity NBA All Star Game.  Being only an hour away from Toronto he may have some interest in joining the Toronto Raptors.  The Raptors could use a energetic #3,”The Raptors Should Look At Terrell Owens“.

2.  T.O. Likes The Snow – I don’t know who would ever want to play in the snow and the freezing cold weather of Buffalo?  Terrell Owens is in for a big surprise, don’t let it shock you if you don’t see him on the field with some unforeseen injury when the weather is not to his liking. [The Buffalo Snow]

1.  Terrell Owens Does Not Want To Win A Super Bowl – The Bills last year again missed the playoffs finishing the season off with a 7-9 record.  The problems don’t end there, they have a troubled running back in Marshawn Lynch and unstable quarterback in Trent Edwards.  So the signing of Terrell Owens will not make the Buffalo Bills a Super Bowl contender!  Sorry Buffalo I didn’t mean to burst your bubble.

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