Meet The New Broad Street Bullies

Daniel Carcillo Riley CoteTotal Pro Sports –  For those of you who don’t know these gentlemen, they are Daniel Carcillo (Left) and Riley Cote (Right) of the Philadelphia Flyers.  Cote is in his second year with the Flyers and Carcillo was a deadline day acquisition from the Phoenix Coyotes.  Both of these guys love the fisticuffs and are currently ranked 2nd (Cote) and 3rd (Carcillo) in the NHL for fighting majors.

By adding Carcillo to a team that already had one of the leagues premier fighters, it looks like Philly wants to have a 2009 version of the Broad Street Bullies.

They wont be scoring many goals come playoff time, rather they will be making sure that other teams won’t be taking liberties with Philly’s stars.  I don’t know how far Pilly will go in this years playoffs with their current goalie situation being what it is, however I know that many teams won’t want to play them with these two guys in the line-up.

During their first game together this past Saturday, they both fought, much to the delight of Flyers fans everywhere.  Check out the fights here.

Carcillo in action

Cote in action

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