Jason Spezza Caught Using A Nose Picking Device

Total Pro Sports – Last night the Toronto Maple Leafs were in Ottawa and lost to the home town Senators 2-1.

During the game Jason Spezza was caught with an illegal curve and was given a 2 minute minor penalty.  As soon as it looked like the Leafs bench were going to call him for an illegal curve he scampered off the ice and tried to break the blade to hide the evidence.  It was to late the referee made it to the bench at the same time and the stick was taken in for a measurement.

But if you take a look at Spezza’s stick it looks more like a nose picking device to us, that small tipped blade and weird curve at the end resembles something that can digg for some of the deepest gold.  Or you can just call it illegal and dangerous just like Ron Wilson did,

The Leafs were still playing to win and coach Ron Wilson said he tried to reward that effort by getting his charges a power play by pointing out Spezza’s doctored blade with Ottawa clinging to a one-goal lead.

“Our players competed like heck,” said Wilson. “I wanted at the end to give our guys a chance to win, they tried so hard. The guy is using a stick that’s not only illegal but dangerous. I had an opportunity to call it, so I did.”

“Real dangerous, I guess,” said an annoyed Spezza sarcastically. “They told me (the blade) was too skinny. I shave them down to be skinnier.”

The problem, as officials found, was indeed that the height of Spezza’s blade was below regulation as it approached the toe. Wilson said he’s been aware all season that the centre was using an illegal stick. “Unfortunately, our power play stunk so what are you going to do?” said Wilson. [TheTorontoStar]

Either way Jason Spezza was punished for the crime and should continue to be if he decides to keep using the illegal stick.

HT – Ron Wilson saves world from Spezza’s dangerous stick – [PuckDaddy]

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