Marion Barber Is A Big Tipper

Total Pro Sports – Athletes and Celebrities are famous for running up huge tabs at night clubs around the world, some have even been known to spend what an average person makes in a year all on alcohol.

Recently Marion Barber was spotted at the M2 Ultra Lounge in New York City partying with his buddies and spending money like the world economy was in good shape.

“Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber racking up a $14K bar tab at M2 -and thanking the waitresses with a $3K tip.” [SportsCracklePop]

I mean this is no shock, last Saturday I spent $12,000 at Century Room in Toronto.  This is pretty much the average I spend when I’m dreaming.

Many famous athletes have visited the M2 Ultra Lounge, including Kobe Bryant, Terrell Owens and Charles Barkley.  So if your ever in New York be sure to visit the the M2 Ultra Lounge because you can be sure to see one of your favorite athletes there drinking it up and partying like nobody was watching. (Be sure to bring your camera and send the pictures to Total Pro Sports)

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