John Brockman Uses Twitter To Get Prankster

John Brockman Sports IllustratedTotal Pro Sports – Leading up to the Washington State and University of Washington rivalry game this past Saturday night, a prankster repeatedly crank called and text messaged University of Washington’s forward John Brockman.

The prank didn’t work, the Washington Huskies beat the Washington State Cougars 67-60 and were lead by John Brockman who had 7 points, 18 rebounds and 1 assist in the win.  The prank obviously back fired but the worst part of it all, the unknown prankster has been identified as Washington State senior James Monsey forgot to block his number.

It was now time for Brockman to get his revenge,

Brockman posted a phone number on his Twitter page of a WSU fan who had called his cell phone and left text messages throughout Friday night. Here’s a link to his Twitter page with the message in question dated March 7. On his Twitter page, Brockman wrote “he called me 25 times last night, let him have it.” [TheSeattleTimes]

Brockman asked all of his twitter followers to call (208) 625 0872 and tell prankster “James Monsey” about the Husky win.  So feel free to call up James and tell him the Huskies won and don’t forget to tell him you were sent by via John Brockmans twitter page.

Washington Hoops Player Uses Twitter To Get Back At Prankster – [DeadSpin]

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