Lewis Hamilton Now Can Win Races Ghost Riding

Total Pro Sports – Who knew that a race car specifically Lewis Hamitlon’s F1 car can be controlled by a single mobile phone?

F1 enthusiasts Steve and Simon came up with the idea and designed a model car that was controlled with a cell phone.  They tested their miniature version of the McLaren F1 car in their office and to their surprise it worked. The recorded video of their miniature F1 test drive was posted on You Tube and the rest is history for the two.

The car nut then puts the model through its paces on a circuit built around office desks before receiving a surprise invitation from McLaren to go and see their latest technology close up.

McLaren Engineers wired up an F1 car with the same specs that Steve and Simon designed their model car with and then let Lewis Hamilton take it out for the first ever ghost ride.  It was a success!!!!

This may just be the future of the racing, where drivers can be safe and control their cars from the press box, just like a video game.

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