Ron Wilson Freaks Out During Interview

Ron WilsonTotal Pro Sports – The lowly Toronto Maple Leafs beat the lowly New York Islanders last night 3-2 in overtime.  It was a matchup of two teams fighting for the opportunity to draft the next great thing John Tavares.

But never mind John Tavares, the New York islanders also have future star Justin DiBenedetto whom they drafted last year.  This year in Sarnia minus linemate Steven Stamkos, Justin is having a fantastic season, he is second in OHL in points and goals and recently won the MVP of the OHL All Star game.  So make sure you keep an eye on this kid, he’s gonna have a long career in the NHL.

Anyways after the game Leafs coach Ron Wilson had an interesting press conference and was ticked off by some questions specifically asked by Howard Berger of Fan590,

Granted, it’s because Howard Berger asks him a dumb-ass question (”ARE YOU ANNOYED WHEN YOUR TEAM TAKES PENALTIES?”), but it’s hilarious because Wilson, who has always had a contentious relationship with the media, was bothered by a question Berger had asked him the night before. [TheTwoLinePass]

Howard Berger had this to say,

If there is one thing, among many, that I’ve learned in my first season around Ron Wilson, it’s that the coach of the Maple Leafs doesn’t react well to criticism. That’s not to suggest the other Leaf coaches I’ve had experience with in the past 20 years enjoyed being challenged, but Wilson takes it as a particular affront — mainly because of his heightened sensitivity to all things media.

I mean you can’t fault Ron Wilson, put yourself in his shoes.  Ron went from coaching the first place San Jose Sharks to the lowly underachieving Leafs.  I’m surprised he hasn’t already quit!!!

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