It Always Rains In Pac-land

pacman jonesTotal Pro Sports-  This past Saturday night, Dallas Cowboys defensive end Marcus Spears threw a little birthday bash at an upscale Dallas night club.  Many big name guests were there, like the one and only Terrell Owens, DeMarcus Ware,  Bradie James, Akin Ayodele and Jamarcus Russell.  The other guest that made an appearance who did not make the guest list on the ticket, was former Cowboy Pacman Jones.

Apparently Pacman decided to class-up the party by using his old making in rain with dollar bills trick.  You know the trick that got him involved in a double shooting a couple of years ago.  I guess he hasn’t learned from his mistakes and continues to act like a teenager with too much money.

According to Pro Football Talk his former teamates weren’t pleased with his antics:

“All the other players there thought he was a complete idiot for doing it.  It was a upscale bar/restaurant and he acted like it was a cheap Atlanta strip club.  So, no, he hasn’t grown up.”(Pro Football Talk)

Check out the pics from the event below.  Yes, that is birthday boy Marcus Spears wearing that ridiculous yellow scarf.

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