Step Aside Seria A

Total Pro Sports – If you told me a year ago that after the first elimination round of the UEFA Champions league tournament, no Italian teams would advance to round 2, I would tell you that would be impossible.

Well on Wednesday March 11, 2009 the impossible happened; Inter Milan, AS Roma, and Juventus were all eliminated.  As I sat in front of the television after watching Roma lose to Arsenal on penalties, I kept thinking to myself: How can one of the top leagues in the world not have one team that is a true contender in Europe?

What does this say about the Seria A?

After watching these games, it was evident to me that the premiership teams are faster, stronger and hungrier to win. There is no question that the top Italian teams have both the domestic and international talent to win these contests, but I believe the problem lies in the preparation.

Should Seria A be ranked with French LFP, Turkish Super Lig, or the Scottish Premier League? Or are the Italians just the worst of the top leagues?

Maybe this 2008 Italian champions league campaign was just bad luck,  the ball is always round and can bounce in any direction. Or is this an indication that Seria A top teams should not be considered Champions League contenders, but rather Champions League participants?

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