Was Marcus Spears The Rain Man?

Marcus Spears Total Pro Sports-  I received a lot of email regarding the post about Pacman Jones making it rain at Marcus Spears’ birthday party. One tipster informed me that he was there and apparently, there was more than one rain maker.  The other person who was making it rain, was the birthday boy himself, Marcus Spears.  At first I didn’t believe him, then I reviewed the party pics and the evidence is there.

Check out exhibit A and B (top of page) and you can clearly see that Mr. Spears has an infatuation with fat stacks of small bills.  I know it was his birthday, but is there ever really a good time to make it rain?  I’m sorry that I put all the blame on Pacman yesterday, when clearly Spears was involved in the showers of money as well.

This picture is clearly shows that Spears was carrying around a backpack full of money, which he was throwing into the air.  Maybe he was trying to impress JaMarcus Russell, whatever the reason was there is still no excuse for being dressed like that in public.

Marcus Spears Makes it rain

Photos courtesy of Partychaser

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