Why Dwyane Wade Should Be MVP

Dwayne WadeTotal Pro Sports- I know it has been a while since I have posted here on TPS, but school had taken over my life for a short while, but now with things under control, hopefully I’ll be back.

My first article is going to follow up on one of the very first articles I wrote about the Miami Heat. Early in the year I told you all to keep an eye on the Heat, and that they can be a force to be reckoned with. At 35-29, the Heat are 5th in the East and can basically punch their ticket for the playoffs. Although the entire team has been playing well, one man deserves most of the credit (and the Most Valuable Player award at the end of the year): Dwyane Wade.

Dwyane Wade has been playing absolutely lights-out recently, averaging 36 points, 10 assists, and 7 rebounds a game since the All-Star break. These numbers have carried the Miami Heat to and 8-5 record in the last 13 games, and will probably keep these winning ways going. The way Wade takes over a game is why he is my pick right now for MVP over LeBron, Kobe, Chris Paul, or anyone else you want to mention.

Wade’s supporting cast is nowhere near as good as any of the aforementioned stars. He has a rookie point guard in Mario Chalmers, a reserve forward who is doing okay in a starting role in Jamario Moon, a veteran forward in Shawn Marion (who hasn’t been playing up to his caliber), and Udonis Haslem, who is undersized at center. When things start to go south with this club, Wade needs to take over, and sure enough he does.

My favorite example of recent history was against the New York Knicks. As a Knick fan I got to see Wade take over. The Knicks were up 103-88 in the fourth quarter, and before I could turn my head, it was 107-103, with Miami in the lead. Wade led a 19-0 run by scoring 15 of the 19 points, and scored 24 in the 4th as they won 119-115. Wade is an unbelievable basketball player, and would love to see him take the MVP and take his team deep in the playoffs.

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