The First Ever Alley-Oop In A Hockey Game

Total Pro Sports – On Thursday Night the Atlanta Thrashers were in Edmonton to take on the Oilers.  A game that went back and forth, the Thrashers held on to win the game in over time 4-3.

The final goal of the game was scored courtesy of the Hockey version Alley-Oop, it was spectacular and left me speechless.  I can honestly admit that through my hockey career I have never seen a goal like this before.  I have personally tried this move in practices and games and it has never worked.  The timing, the height along with the chasing player has to be perfect.

Eric Perrin of the Atlanta Thrashers who made the pass on Thursday Night officially has become the first player/team in NHL history to accomplish the Hockey Alley-Oop on a winning goal in over time.  The goal was scored by ex-Oiler Marty Reasoner.

Words can not describe how hard a play like this is to accomplish.  The Hockey Alley-Oop takes place at the 3:20 mark in the video.  Have a look.

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