Dwyane Wade Fired By High Schools

Total Pro Sports – Officially on Friday March the 13th Dwyane Wade was fired from his endorsement contract that was named after him “Dwyane Wade High Schools” and catered to high school dropouts.  CEO of Mavericks in Education Mark Thimmig said that Wade did not fulfill his obligations to his schools and appearances in various TV commercials.

“We need to move on; the dropout rate is at epidemic levels,” Thimmig said. “This contract made Dwyane Wade the biggest celebrity committed to turning around the national dropout crisis.

“He was supposed to participate in marketing campaigns and public appearances, but he has not been engaged.”

Dwyane Wade and Mavericks In Education agreed to shares in his schools that were named after him.  But since his release Dwyane Wade’s schools have been re-named to Mavericks High Schools.

Thimmig said he’ll go on the hunt for another celebrity pitchman, “one with strong family values.”

This could not have come at a worse time for Dwyane Wade.  Earlier this year he was accused by his ex-wife that he game her STD’s, then a business partner accused him of having sex parties in an apartment he rented and now the lost high school deal.  A year when Dwyane Wade is lighting up the hardwood and having an MVP type season for his Miami Heat team, he now has to deal with all the issues that surround him off the court.

Lisa Joseph, the Olympic hero’s publicist, said Wade retained a lawyer to deal with the new ding in his image and didn’t comment.

Hopefully Dwyane Wade can pull through these rough times and clear the monster that the media has now made him into.

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