Gremio’s Jonas Pulls Off An Incredible Triple Miss

Total Pro Sports – During last weeks Copa Libertadores match between Colombia’s Boyaca Chico and Brazilian squad Gremio was won by Gremio 1-0.

At the 79th minute one of the most spectacular unexpected plays happened when Gremio’s attacker “Jonas” had an opportunity of a lifetime to put away the game for good.  Jonas managed to miss 3 consecutive scoring chances accomplishing the official triple miss.

Jonas first shot was stopped by goaltender Edigson Velasquez but Velasquez couldn’t handle the ball and Jonas picked up the rebound for his second opportunity. (His first open net chance) about 5 yards from the wide open net, mishit the ball with his left foot and hit the post.  The third opportunity was the most amazing; Jonas handled the rebound on the goal line beat the goaltender and literally missed the open net from 1 foot away.

We have no idea how Jonas could have missed these opportunities at point blank range, but maybe he was paid off???

I bet 6 year old Madin Mohammed could have easily scored with his eyes closed.

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