Alex Rodriguez Loves Himself In Details Magazine

Total Pro Sports – Alex Rodriguez Loves Himself In Details Magazine!!!!

Words cannot describe Alex Rodriquez’ photos in this months publication of Details Magazine.  For a second there everyone thought the A-Roid scandal was done and then all of a sudden the media drops another bomb.

The soft spoken Alex Rodriquez is featured in the magazine posing in some weird ways but one that stands out the most is the picture Alex Rodriquez kissing himself in the mirror.  This confirms all my thoughts that this guy was a little on the fruity side.

If the steroid scandal didn’t ruin his career, you can bet these photos were the icing on the cake.  I hope he can deal with all of his teammates in the locker room.

Take a look at some of the things Alex had to say in the article, Yahoo’s Big League Stew identifies some key insights in the article.

  • A-Rod claims to ride the Subway to work (“The fans love it, I love it”).
  • A-Rod worries about revealing which Madonna song is his favorite [‘m betting on”Beautiful Stranger”]
  • He loosened up for the shoot with shots of Patron.
  • He wears a Kabbalah bracelet — an indication that Madonna ain’t far away.
  • A-Rod does not order food at dinner.

Shutout goes to Yahoo’s Big League Stew for the cropping of these photos.

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