Emre Toraman Scores In His Own Goal Twice In The Same Game

Total Pro Sports – If you ever thought that missing 3 consecutive glorious scoring opportunities and a boll-boy assisting his home team in a goal were impossible, then you were wrong.

Today we bring you the ultimate soccer mishap ever in the history of the sport.  The soccer game took place in the Turkish Soccer League between Eskisehirspor and Bursaspor.  Eskisehirspor’s center-half Emre Toraman ultimately thanks that he is not Andres Escobar.  (Remember Andres Escobar of Colombia Own Goal in 94 World Cup? see video below)

The only difference between Toraman and Escobar is that Escobar scored in his own net only once and was killed after for costing his country the game.  Emre Toroman beat Escobar by one and scored in his own net twice in the same game and he is still alive today to talk about it.  Unlucky and lucky all in the same day!!!

The final score of the game: 2 Bursaspor (Emre Toran own goals) – 1 Eskisehirspor.

Andres Escobar Own Goal in 94 World Cup