Georges St Pierre Comes Clean About The Vaseline Scandal

Total Pro Sports – That’s right boys and girls we have breaking news that Canadian UFC Welter-Weight Champion, Georges St Pierre has come clean about the controversy surrounding the Vaseline scandal in his last match with BJ Penn.

GSP has finally confessed to the world that he did cheat in his match against BJ Penn during a live interview with Toronto sports station “Sportsnet”.  In the interview Georges St Pierre had this to say about the Vaseline confession,

I hired a man to kiss BJ Penn on the mouth on his way to the Octagon, and at that precise moment BJ Penn lost all his focus and the fight was mine.

So if I cheat yes, but not with the Vaseline, by hiring a man to kiss BJ Penn on the mouth.

The Nevada State athletic commission has stated that the case involving Penn and St. Pierre is finished, and nothing as far as the outcome of the fight, nothing will be changed.

The best part of the interview is that he is mocking BJ Penn and has the biggest smile on his face the whole time. GSP, not known for his trash taking is finally showing that he isn’t a machine after all. This is why we think GSP is the Pound for Pound King of the world.

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