Don Cherry: “Ovechkin, Alex Is That His Name?”

Total Pro Sports – The intense wait for Coaches Corner on Saturday night was short lived as Don Cherry didn’t have much to say about Alexander Ovechkin’s 50th goal of the season celebration and his remarks about about Coaches Rumor Corner.

To tell you the truth I don’t even think Alex Ovechkin even knows or cares who Don Cherry is!

Don Cherry did have a few words for OV,

“Ovechkin, Alex Is That His Name?”,  “He is not a mean guy, he is just having a good time”, “They are not laughing with you people, they are laughing at you Alex, your a class guy, you should be a role model, you don;t need to do stuff like this, your above stuff like that, your the best hockey player playing today, how about a little class and do it right.”

In the end Alex Ovechkin loves the game of hockey and appreciates everything surrounding the game. The NHL needs Alex and the fans appreciate his desire and drive to win.  If this Alex Ovechinkin’s antics drive fans to the game then so beat, remember the NHL is not the NFL “No fun league”, celebrations after goals are allowed and enjoyed.

Take a look at what Bob Miller, the Los Angeles Kings announcer had to say about Don Cherry.

Alex Ovechkin’s 50th goals of the season and interview after the game.

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