Amputee Kyle Maynard Will make His MMA Debut

Total Pro Sports – In 1986 Kyle Maynard was born as a congenital amputee (arms at his elbows and his legs at his knees).

“Congenital amputation is the absence of a fetal limb or fetal part at birth. This condition may be the result of the constriction of fibrous bands within the membrane that surrounds the developing fetus (amniotic band syndrome) or the exposure to substances known to cause birth defects (teratogenic agents). Other factors, including genetics, may also play a role” [Healthatoz]

At a very early age Kyle learned how to be independent and tried never to rely on others to help him.  His family encouraged and taught him how to do far more with his disability.  As a youngster he loved to played street hockey and football and even though the others had an advantage over him, Kyle never let this affect him.

There was challenges along the way but he overcame. When he got to junior high his father pushed him into joining the wrestling team and made him promise that he would finish the entire season if he started it. He did losing all 35 of his matches. He was frustrated and wanted to quit because other wrestlers would just put a hand on his head and pin him to the ground. His father didn’t let him quit and encouraged him by telling him that he lost all his matches his first year as well.

With Kyle’s drive and his fathers motivation, Kyle Maynard will now make his MMA debut on April 25 in Auburn, Alambama and will become the first congenital amputee to ever accomplish this feat.

We wish him all the luck and a long career in the MMA.

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