Tommy Lasorda Sleeps During Interview

Total Pro Sports – Wake up Tommy, wake up Tommy Lasorda!!!!!

Tommy Lasorda was interviewed by Comcast SportsNet’s Chicago Tribune Live talk show this past Friday afternoon and during the interview it seems as if Tommy Lasorda was out a little bit too late the night before.  It looks as if he is sleeping during the interview, his eyes are closed and he looks a little delirious while on camera.

But in Tommy’s defence, there seems to be a little problem with the headset he is wearing and he can’t hear the reporters asking him the questions.  He also seems to be facing the sun and if anyone has ever faced the sun straight on you know that it is really tough to keep your eyes open.

Tommy only really perks up about 3 1/2 minutes in when asked about traitorous American ballplayers who refuse to defend their country’s honor, which is pretty much the equivalent of punching the Statue of Liberty in the face. He loves his country with so much passion that now, even I need a nap. [DeadSpin]

Take a look at the interview and you can be the judge.

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