Kayaker Plunges 127 Feet Off Waterfall And Survives

Total Pro Sports – Daredevil Pedro Olivia loves pushing the limits, this time he decided that he was going to drop an astonishing 127 feet off the Salto Belo falls in central Brazil and break the Record for the highest waterfall descent by a kayaker.

Salto Belo falls has a drop almost twice that of Niagara Falls and an estimated 5,000 cubic feet of 70F-warm water gush over the Salto Belo every second.  Although the Niagara Falls, on the US-Canada border are higher, at 176ft, the actual drop is only 70ft because of rocks at the base.

Members of his Brazil World Record Attempt Expedition team watched anxiously as he finally slid over the lip of the falls, as they captured the terrifying stunt on camera.

Hurtling head first to the bottom, he disappeared from sight as he plunged into a deep pool at the bottom.

The descent took 2.95 seconds before Pedro Olivia hit the churning waters below at 70mph, nobody knew if he would survive this fall.  But with luck on his side Pedro accomplished the feat and broke the record that was once 108ft.

‘It’s a story that I will be telling for the rest of my life,’ he said.

‘The actual free fall felt like an eternity of acceleration and waiting for a huge impact in the pool below.

‘As I drifted over vertical into a head down position I braced for the worst in a protective tuck position.

‘But the massive impact never came.’ With safety teams waiting in nervous anticipation at the top and the foot of the falls, Ben hit the record button as Pedro climbed into his kayak and charged at the sloping lip of the falls.

‘For me breaking the record was not a victory over nature but a harmony between myself, my team, and the river.’

Pedro Olivia goes in my books as one of the most craziest men alive, you couldn’t pay me $5 million to do what he just did and to think he did it for free and the excitement.

Pedro Olivia Video of him falling over the walls – [DailyMail]

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